Finally crawling!

This week Beatrice has started crawling! It has been a long time coming in our household as she's been getting frustrated more and more recently. She started to be able to drag herself around a room a few weeks ago but still couldn't understand how to move forward. Little did I know all it took was a crawling lesson with our friends. One of the other mums showed me how she 'taught' her little one to crawl. Whether or not this was the key, or it was just coincidental timing it really doesn't matter because IT WORKED! She showed me how to move her arms and legs in the movement of crawling, getting down next to her and doing it alongside her. Call me crazy but it was genius! Babies learn from watching us do things, they learn words from us speaking, they learn to walk from watching us also. However crawling is something we don't tend to do (unless drunk and crawling up the stairs after a heavy one – obviously pre-baby). A few days after our 'lesson' she decided to do it all by herself. I was a super proud mama and was screaming with excitement and all I could see was Beatrice lighting up with the knowledge of being able to access the whole world. One small step for us, one massive step for Beatrice.