Honest parenting

When you’re currently sitting by the patio door praying for your daughter to not be the devil today. She has been going through some kind of bloody leap/phase/teeth malarkey. MY GOD ITS BEEN TOUGH. I’m currently on day 2/6 with her on my own and as she shouts at me every time I leave her sight you can imagine I’m not getting a lot done. I’ve unpacked and packed what feels like thousands of toys over the last few days. None of which are good enough for more than 2 minutes worth of playing. She has now decided that it’s hilarious to fight her morning nap, with using her first tooth to bite down whilst feeding. WOW IT HURTS! I think she was telling me she didn’t want food and to stop trying to get her to nap. Well she won, hence why I’m currently sat by her side writing this. I’ve had the Jumperoo in full swing this morning, with even the bloody bubble machine going just to try and distract her. One sticky mess later, and a bored baby I soon realise it was a fail. I think she’s slowly getting bored of the Jumperoo, as every time we put her in it she acts like she’s just been put into isolation in a prison (Talk about dramatic). She really is the best thing ever, but I can’t fucking wait for that second tooth to come through. Can you tell? 


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