Juggling family life

Currently in our household we have jobs, university and parenthood. All of which is hard work! When I fell pregnant with Bea I was in my final year of University (morning sickness was a bitch) it was so tough! Thankfully when I came home I could crash on the sofa and only needed to work part-time. Bea’s incredible daddy, my wonderful partner unfortunately is still in his final year as well as working FULL TIME (It sucks). Juggling life can be hard sometimes and babies specifically can be challenging. You can’t tell them to wait a minute whilst you finish writing your sentence or tell them to stop crying when you’re rushing to get ready for work. You move to their every command, and don’t they know it! Our household is busy, and can be stressful at times but I’m so proud of how much we have all achieved in both personal life and professional life. Although tough University is flexible and has allowed Alex to have many mornings and afternoons off with me and Bea. This has helped him have an incredible bond with her, she adores him, something every mother wants for their child. This is definitely Daddy and Bea. He is her world, as she waits for him to return to greet him with the cheesiest smile! I’m so proud of the juggling household we are and have learnt that although there is negatives there has also been so many positives and allowed our little family to experience so many milestones all together. 

Challenge yourself and don’t be afraid, however always remember that family is most important no time or money can ever replace that.



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