Co-sleeping or should I say just sleeping.

There’s so much controversy around sleeping with babies, whether it’s in a crib, cot or in your own bed. Currently we are dealing with co-sleeping, yes some may find it ridiculous or unsafe or whatever. However we are finding it a life saver, we all win. Bea is happy next to us, I’m happy knowing she’s okay, I can feed her all night easily. Daddy isn’t so sure on the lack of space he has but considering we spent a year at uni sleeping in a single bed he should be thrilled! We originally had Bea in a crib next to us which started off okay, we then invested in a sleepy head which promised us to have an amazing night sleep and to soothe any baby! I can agree and disagree on that, yes I think it helped. However it may of hindered us also by allowing her to ‘safely’ cosleep with us whenever we went away/whenever she was ill (or we felt clingy). Now that Bea has outgrown the sleepyhead deluxe (she was only 4 months, it promised 8) we decided to just move her into the bed perminantly. Bed sharing isn’t for everyone I understand that, it’s tough. You loose all sense of freedom, all cuddles from your partner (let alone any ‘adult’ time) however the positives are HUGE. We all get to sleep for more than 2 hours a night, I know Bea is safe and sound. I literally can flip over and bring out the boobs in order to feed her and she gets to lie there like a Greek goddess being fed grapes. Yes it’s not forever (well we hope) but it works for now. That’s good enough. If you’re struggling with sleep, and unsure of what to do. Research co-sleeping, find a safe way to do it to make your lives easier! Parenting is tough enough as it is, choose your battles and make the best decision for your family. 



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