Four month sleep regression

I’m not even sure where to start here, do I start with the sleepless nights? The huge bags under my eyes? The baby who has stopped sleeping all together? (Okay maybe that’s an exaduration) The four month sleep regression hit us early, I think it was about 3 months and 1 week when Bea decided to wake every two hours in the night. Dont get me wrong she’s never slept through, we would normally have about two/three night feeds (breastfeeding problems). The regression hit our household hard, it’s something that I had heard on the mum grapevine but had never really looked into until it happened! It was a tough few weeks, but let me say to all you mumma’s out there currently going through it. IT ENDS! Although it may feel like it never will, or will only end when you collapse, I promise it does end. I can’t really give any advice as to how to get through it other than lots of coffee, tag teaming (if you’re lucky enough to be able to) and sleep when the baby does (Easier said than done I know). It lasted around 4/5 weeks and slowly  got better, she would last around three hours instead of two and slowly get longer and longer naps. I managed to sleep lots when she took her naps, although not all of them even the afternoon nap with us both safety lying on the bed stopped me from becoming a total nightmare especially for my partner when he returned from work! Bea did amazing, she spent a bit of the time grumpy and upset by the lack of sleep, however spent the other learning and developing new incredible skills. It was like every week the regression was here she learnt something new. It’s tiring, tough and challenges you in every was, sleep deprivation almost makes a reappearance and you feel like you have a newborn in the house again. However as all things to do with parenting you have to take it as it comes and expect the next day to be different than the last. Or so you hoped. Hopefully this post has given a true insight into the regression (sorry) and showed you that whatever you’re doing keep doing. Don’t give up, and be strong! (Plus by a nespresso machine, you’ll need it) 



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