New mum friends

For many new mums the thought of meeting new friends with babies of similar age can seem really daunting. I know that when we first found out that we were pregnant I was instantly worried that I would have no-one to share my stories with, or no-one to ask advice as I was/am the first out of my friends to have a baby. With the news of becoming pregnant and moving to an entirely new area on the cards I was very anxious of becoming lonely and it affecting how I would be as a mum. Through the advice of others I signed Alex and I up to attend the NCT antenatal groups. This was one of the best decisions I could have made, and I would HIGHLY recommend it to any pregnant families. Through NCT I met 8 other wonderful ladies, all first time mums with all the same fears and worries that I had. Of course I didn’t expect to become best friends with everyone, however amazingly we have all become very close. We have a WhatsApp group of which we started when we were awaiting our little bundle of joys to arrive (this was great although when you become 9 days overdue and everyone is having babies its tough!) We share our thoughts and advice with each other and try to reassure when someones worried. The group really started to bond when the babies arrived and we were all up in the middle of the night feeding, having someone to chat to was so important. I think our partners appreciated the fact we stopped waking them up to chat as we knew we had the group to chat on with other people in the same boat. We have seen each other most days since the babies have arrived, its incredible watching so many babies grow up and share their ‘firsts’ with your own child. These friendships may not last forever (although I am hoping they do) but for now atleast these ladies have helped me through many tough days, and allowed me to share so many great memories with them. So if you are a first time mum, or even a second or third do join different groups, its amazing how much support you can give each other and how much we all need it. Parenting can become very lonely, something that I think many people don’t realise, especially if you don’t have family near you (like myself). Making mum friends may seem scary and impossible but next time you’re sat across from another mum in a coffee shop, do start talking, do reach out because you never know how they are feeling and how they would probably love a new friend also.




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