My journey so far..

I’ve decided to start a blog to show what life as a mother, post graduate and girlfriend is like. I wanted write about the journey I am taking in life, and all the smiles, tears and laughter that goes alongside it. I have just graduated from university with a degree in Business management and marketing (the most broad degree ever!). During my final term of my final year I found out I was pregnant. It’s safe to say I was a great student and stopped going out drinking, instead my days consisted of lying in bed, feeling like I was going to throw up at the smell, sight or thought of any food. Amazingly I managed to graduate, although it was not with the grades I would have liked, I was damn proud that I even made it that far. In the September following little bea made her arrival, it was the most incredible day of our lives. It definitely made university feel like a walk in the park! She is now 4 months old and has grown into a beautiful (of course I’m bias, what mum isn’t) little girl. So thats our story so far, 2016 was the craziest year of my life so I thought I ought to capture 2017 and see what this year throws at me. I’m going to take you all along with me and share my trials and tribulations as I go. 


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